Thursday, March 20, 2008

Learning to fly, but I ain't got wings...

My dedication to feminism has not really shown threw in the last several months as it once did when I began this blog...Does this make me less of a feminist? Of course not, however other parts of my life have taken over my intent to blog as I use to. Why? on might ask? I would have to say that it has occurred because I'm a bit stress in trying to complete my senior year at school.

The whole graduating process is absurd, of course one must take on their normal routine; going to classes, working, studding, homework, and socializing ( to keep one's sanity). Not to mention since it's your senior the assignments you are taking on are more difficult, and if you're a college like mine, you're also interning. (which is a positive experience).

Then on top of the normal aspects of life that you've been dealing with for the past four years you must;

-find a job
-find a place to live
-figure out your life
all on less sleep then you're use to. ahhhhhh Because there is not enough time to sleep and that's what I choose to give up. Perhaps not the wises choice but the best one that fits my life.

Anyway, sorry I needed to vent a bit. Less than two month to go and hopefully I'll be blogging again full time.

And don't worry my Vs are still up.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Independent Dime

Nicole thanks for sharing this video with me.

This is really more for fun, but it is nice to see females represented in a positive light in hiphop videos.

Vs up to all the independent dimes out there!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thank You

I know it's a little late, thanksgiving has passed..but I just wanted to give my thanks to all the fabulous friends that I have in my life!

..and honestly who doesn't love the golden girls..I have my grandmother to thank for that.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Buffer Bill passed!! Back up 35ft in Mass!!

On November 13th 2007 Governor Deval Patrick signed the Buffer Zone bill that was passed through the Senate and the House in weeks prior. This means a visible, enforceable, 35ft perimeter around health care providers such as Planned Parenthood. This is a monumental step towards provided safe health care for all people. No longer will men and women have to be harassed when they are simple going to the doctors. Bravo MA!! Thank you to organizations such as the NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, for making my life safer and protecting my rights!

Friday, October 19, 2007

woot woot!! Tsongas won!!

Niki Tsongas has won the special elections for the 5th Congressional district on Tuesday, and was sworn in as the first congresswoman of MA in 25 years!! Vs up Niki!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lobby Day HeyHEYHEy

Support Women's Health and Safety on Beacon Hill at the State House October 30th. Starting at 10am you can show legislator how much you support safe access to women's health clinics, and comprehensive, age-appropriate health education for our children! Put your Vs up and join me for lobby day! C'mon it just feels good actually fighting for your rights rather than just talking about it...Check out PPLM for more info and to register.

I swear we're not crazy--It's simply our physiological makeup

I recommend this book more so to men then I do to women. Us ladies already know that crazy things happen to our bodies, not just once a month but all the time!! The Female Brain explains what exactly is going on in our head and bodies that make us act the way that we do. Although the book has some physiological terms it's enjoyable to read--I promise it's not like reading a text book for a Bio class--I skimmed right threw it in a few hours (and I am a slow reader).

Any man who is planning on having a relationship with a woman should read this book--also all you fathers out there you may want to pick up a copy while you're at'll make those teenage years a whole lot easier..or at least easier to understand.