Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March for Women

Hello MARCH...You could not have come soon enough!! It's women's history month...time to celebrate all that we are!

Is America's "war on terror" terrorising our own citizens?

She is the wife of a US soldier. Her house was broken into last Saturday night. She was beaten, raped and basically left to die. She was alone that night, on that army base in Georgia.

This is a tragic, awful, disgusting, nauseating and true story. And I just can't help but think...she could have been one of my friends..she could have been me..she could have been you.

As American citizens we must fight a war on our soil; to end violence against women, including those of a military lifestyle.

Will this woman's story make the local papers in Georgia? Will this incident be investigated? Hopefully...but probably not. In my head every soldier on that base should be under an investigation, to catch the bastard(s) who did that to her.

But like many other military rapes/beatings of men and women, nothing may happen to the aggressors.
True justice for victims of military assault may never be served.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Women get an inch..the government takes a mile

After much struggle women finally made some headway with the arrival of the long awaited Plan B to be sold over the counter.

However, now it seems like the FDA has other plans for the Women's Health Office funds.

Oh yeah..apparently some people weren't too happy with Plan B being sold over the counter, so they decided to cut the Women's Health Office funds from 4 million down to 2.8 mil. Thanks a lot.

Ha Ha--Tick Tock goes the Cock Clock

Apparently it's not just women who may feel the pressure of time on their reproductive organs. Recent research claims that men may start feeling their biological clocks ticking, if they want to procreate "normal" offspring.

For once men might just know the wrath of biological determinism.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Women's History Month is just around the corner...

Emmanuel College
Women’s History Month

March 1st : Women’s History Month Kick-Off
11:00-1:00 pm Atrium

March 13th: Female Faculty and Staff
Appreciation Reception
4:00 pm BSU JYCCL

FemCo Panel
6:30 pm Feminist Coalition/Social Awareness Club

March 15th: Send a Postcard to an Influential
Woman in Your Life
12—2:00 pm SGA Atrium

March 19th: Frida Movie
8:00 pm Art Club AMR

March 20th: Perceptions of Women in a
“Man’s World”
7:00 pm CASE St. Ann’s Lounge

Questions? Please contact Cat DesRoche via first class.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Score one for Mother Earth

So Al Gore won an Oscar for The Inconvenient Truth. Maybe that means people will actually start trying to stop global warming?...Probably not. But at least good old Al won something for once.

PP goes Wireless

Planned Parenthood is doing big things. They've gone wireless. Now you can get a cell phone through your gyno and for a good cause.

Oh My iPod

Now you can really jam out to your favorite beats. Check out this new jump-off for iPod users.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am an angry woman and a proud feminist

I just wish people; women and men could understand the importance of equality. The right to be human. The right for a woman not to be judged because of her vagina, emotions, ability to care, femininity, masculinity, the way she dresses, sexuality, etc.

It hurts to be judged on the person I am because I have a fucking cunt!

Yes, I am angry that women are disempowered by our patriarchal society. And Yes I AM A FEMINIST!! But I am not an angry feminist. I am a proud feminist. Proud of myself as an individual, a living, breathing, feeling person.

Quick Questions and Answers on Feminism

Uuggg..Feminist does NOT = lesbian

It seems that every time, or at least most of the time people talk about feminism, lesbianism is soon to follow (check out the YouTube video "quick Q&A on feminism" and you'll see what I mean).

Feminism does not equal lesbianism. Having pride in your vagina, does not mean you want to get into someone else's.

A woman can be;
1) a lesbian and not be a feminist
2) a lesbian and a feminist
3) a feminist and not a lesbian
4) or neither

It really doesn't matter. People are just ignorant of what feminism is. Spreading feminism is about spreading knowledge, about being HUMAN and being equal!

And since people often wonder, for the record I'm strictly dickly.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Camels are Bringing Sexy Back to Smoking

MMmmm...Hey ladies don't you just wanna take a puff of these pretty pink cigarettes? Well Camel is hoping you will. As a smoker of 3 years, I have to say that I'm not giving up my smooth and savory Marlboros for a little pink camel. But some of my friends have taken this light and luscious bait.
In my head Camel is just trying to appeal to a younger generation of females and get them hooked, by marketing a "sexier" cigarette. As for us veteran smokers were highly unlikely to venture away from our favorite brand of smokes.
Good job Camel and Co. you can now take credit for killing a whole new generation of women. But at least they'll look smoking (hot) before they get lung cancer...right?

Monday, February 19, 2007

EC hosts Women and Non-Violence Workshop

Women & Non-Violence:

An Interactive Workshop

On Sunday February 25, 2007 the Peace & Justice Club and Campus Ministry invite you to join us from 3-5pm for a presentation and interactive workshop on the importance of the non-violence movement and the influential women who have raised their voices and changed our world.

**A spaghetti dinner will be served!**
Location is TBA.

This workshop will be given by members of the
Agape Community, a sustainable community dedicated to the principles of non-violent action.

Email Kathleen M. Smith with any questions.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy V-Day!

Yes it's that time of year again, my favorite holiday. And no I'm not talking about that bullshit Hallmark holiday that at requires candy, chocolates and flowers....ughhhhh

I'm talking about V-Day!! So be sure to throw your Vs up hard today ladies and gentlemen in support of the movement to stop violence against women and girls.

In celebration of V-Day there are a lot of local events going on around this time of's a few to check out....

Vagina Monologues in JP

Vagina Monologues at Simmons

The Clothesline Project

Stay strong ladies, keep your Vs up...we won't stop fighting until the violence ends.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

As if having your period isn't bad enough... its happened to anyone above the age of 13 with a vagina. You enter the women's room, find somewhat of a cleanly stall and venture in. You go about your business, la dee da...then it hits, luckily their actually is toilet paper, but there isn't a place to dispose of your feminine products. A "tampon trash" if you will.

Now what? Damn it, why did I have to chose this bathroom? Is all your thinking. Now you're debating how to stealthily dispose of your period debris.

You could just stay in the stall until it's quiet and wait until everyone has left the bathroom..but then you'd be late for class.

You could flush it, but that wouldn't do any would just stay there, floating around in bowl. Then the next girl to use your stall would think you were nasty and tell her friends how gross you are, and give you dirty looks every Monday and Wednesday for the rest of the semester.

You figure you'll just deal with it..suck it up and just make a break for it. You stand up, and foot flush the toilet after you have carefully wrapped up your pad, which is now hidden in your hand. Hoping that no one will notice, you grab your books and slowly open the stall door.
Embarrassed that you've had to go to such great lengths to hide the fact you're on the rag, you make a desperate attempt to get to the garbage can.

But of course, it's in between classes and the bathroom is packed, so you have to shimmy between women and the wall.

Then it were so concerned about getting to the garbage, you weren't paying attention to what you're limbs were doing. And yes, you dropped it....Nooo, your thinking..idiot, as everyone is watching you. So it's official, as you hear giggling in the background, everyone knows you have you're period.

Quickly and without grace you grab the wad of toilet paper which surrounds your used tampon and finally throw it out.
As you are washing your hands, all you can think is how fabulous your day is going and it's not even noon yet.

*This Blog was inspired because my predominately female college (which just recently went co-ed) does not have "tampon trashes" in most of the bathrooms in the administration building, where most of the classes are held. And well it's beginning to piss me off.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

the bad bush is at it again...shocking

Now I don't know much about politics, I'm not going to lie. But I have to say that regardless of what state the union is in, come 2008 elections, women don't seem to have too much hope if we elect another republican with similar views as Bush.

Speaking of him...The bad bush is at it again...take action to ensure proper family planning and birth control.

FemCO Meeting


Thursday, February 1, 2007

Happy Belated Roe v. Wade!!

So on January 22nd 2007, Roe v. Wade turned 34!! That’s a pretty big milestone for women’s rights isn’t it? Then why does South Dakota want to live in the past??

Abortion in no way should be a means of birth control, but at least let it be our choice. Why should anyone be allowed to tell you what to do with your body? Specifically in the case of having an abortion. No man knows what it is like to be pregnant or even have the possibility of bringing another life into the world. So men shouldn't even be involved in making any kind of abortion laws, it's not their place.

So much of being American citizens is having our inalienable rights and having free will. We can choose our religion, job, to bare arms, which school to go to....we can even choose to have dangerous surgeries to enhance our appearance.

Why do places like South Dakota take away our choice? Our right?

"against abortion? get a vasectomy" -another fabulous bumper sticker.