Thursday, February 8, 2007

As if having your period isn't bad enough... its happened to anyone above the age of 13 with a vagina. You enter the women's room, find somewhat of a cleanly stall and venture in. You go about your business, la dee da...then it hits, luckily their actually is toilet paper, but there isn't a place to dispose of your feminine products. A "tampon trash" if you will.

Now what? Damn it, why did I have to chose this bathroom? Is all your thinking. Now you're debating how to stealthily dispose of your period debris.

You could just stay in the stall until it's quiet and wait until everyone has left the bathroom..but then you'd be late for class.

You could flush it, but that wouldn't do any would just stay there, floating around in bowl. Then the next girl to use your stall would think you were nasty and tell her friends how gross you are, and give you dirty looks every Monday and Wednesday for the rest of the semester.

You figure you'll just deal with it..suck it up and just make a break for it. You stand up, and foot flush the toilet after you have carefully wrapped up your pad, which is now hidden in your hand. Hoping that no one will notice, you grab your books and slowly open the stall door.
Embarrassed that you've had to go to such great lengths to hide the fact you're on the rag, you make a desperate attempt to get to the garbage can.

But of course, it's in between classes and the bathroom is packed, so you have to shimmy between women and the wall.

Then it were so concerned about getting to the garbage, you weren't paying attention to what you're limbs were doing. And yes, you dropped it....Nooo, your thinking..idiot, as everyone is watching you. So it's official, as you hear giggling in the background, everyone knows you have you're period.

Quickly and without grace you grab the wad of toilet paper which surrounds your used tampon and finally throw it out.
As you are washing your hands, all you can think is how fabulous your day is going and it's not even noon yet.

*This Blog was inspired because my predominately female college (which just recently went co-ed) does not have "tampon trashes" in most of the bathrooms in the administration building, where most of the classes are held. And well it's beginning to piss me off.

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