Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Is America's "war on terror" terrorising our own citizens?

She is the wife of a US soldier. Her house was broken into last Saturday night. She was beaten, raped and basically left to die. She was alone that night, on that army base in Georgia.

This is a tragic, awful, disgusting, nauseating and true story. And I just can't help but think...she could have been one of my friends..she could have been me..she could have been you.

As American citizens we must fight a war on our soil; to end violence against women, including those of a military lifestyle.

Will this woman's story make the local papers in Georgia? Will this incident be investigated? Hopefully...but probably not. In my head every soldier on that base should be under an investigation, to catch the bastard(s) who did that to her.

But like many other military rapes/beatings of men and women, nothing may happen to the aggressors.
True justice for victims of military assault may never be served.

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