Tuesday, January 30, 2007


One day I randomly posted this on my away message:

"CUNT---What do you think about that word?
i don't really care for it myself"

And a couple of my lady friends responded with these comments:

AnnaKa(4:31:23 PM):is a strong word

(4:38:42 PM):you have to be a real slop tart to have someone drop the c bomb on you

X0 Nin7:12:41 PM):and I LOVE THE WORD CUNT. it sums me up perfectly

noween(12:19:16 PM):cunt? FUCK THAT

eGGiE (9:01:09 PM):hmm cunt? ...its pretty bad but its exceptable in certain situations. like one of my brothers friends who is a girl straight up called me a bitch...so he called her a cunt. in that case i think it was okay.

Cunt...I really am unsure of what kind of word this is. Is cunt the next bitch? As women have reclaimed the word bitch, using it as a positive word. Will the same happen for the word cunt? And if cunt becomes the new bitch, what will be the new cunt?


mark said...


mark said...

far out

Blue said...

I can tell you one thing: If you do happen to be dating a woman who is acting poorly (at least you perceive so) and drop the C-word, as in "maybe if you weren't acting like such a [cue slow-motion “say-it-don’t-spray-it” spittle ejaculating from mouth like tiny little spit fireworks] CUNT...” certainly don't follow it up with "That's right, I said it." If you do, I can tell you the rest of the conversation, although potentially animated, might not be as nuanced and progressive as you might have hoped.

Yes, it's true it happened to me. I say "happened to me" because when I look back on the experience, my memory was as if I had no control -- like the word forced itself out of my mouth.

What did she do to counter such an offense? She smiled. A big grin. And I started backtracking, knowing I was fucked. She ignored me, smiling, and walked on. It was more effective than any cutting remark she could have made. And I was sure she was going to break up with me, and in my mind, she would have had ever right. But she didn't.

But to answer your question directly, if Cunt is the new Bitch, I believe Gash with become the new Cunt. Let's wait and see!