Sunday, April 22, 2007

your Third Eye is Blind to Feminism

Stephen Jenkins lead singer of Third Eye Blind claims the stance of feminists to be "weak", Saturday, April 21 after a concert at Babson College, Wellesley MA. Now I am paraphrasing a lil bit but that is basically what he said. Yes I heard this with my own ears people--his words stirred deep inside of me... He went on for a few minutes as to all the various reason in which he believes us (people who are feminist)to be weak. Jenkins' reasons were that feminist separated themselves making themselves unequal..blahh blahh blahh and that we (all people) are all one yada yada yada...He went on to say that we're all human, that he is a black women, china man, Latino and named other various races, ethnicities, to make the point that ya know we as living, breathing, people should come together and not separate ourselves into such categories. Although I believe that every living, breathing human should be treated equally--regardless of whether we like it or not our society loves labels-they can't get enough of them in fact.

And sorry Jenkins you're not a woman no matter how much you think we are all one and whatnot--yeah not so much. People's differences is what makes the world beautiful and amazing, so yeah if we all truly were "one" than the world just wouldn't be half as much fun or interesting...and well I wouldn't be blogging about this right now--not that you probably care but you were right I was getting mad about your comments, but I will agree to disagree with you on this one. And although you may know how to get into a vagina, you have no true idea of what it's like to actually have one. Just like I don't know how it is to be a man, or anything else but a Caucasian, middle class female.

Okay..yeah I feel better now...

Aside from that concert was awesome I jammed out, I'm not gonna lie..and like who doesn't wanna meet a rockstar? I mean I had him sign my arm before we had this convo.

So this is how this lil convo came to be:
After the show my friend Hannah (major fan) and I got to chat with Jenkins. It was random, there was a group of people around and Hannah, Jenkins and I started talking. He made some comment to me, and my response surprised him a little. Anyway, whatever I said was motivated by my pride in my vagina...I don't know, the night was a bit of a blur but regardless, I was upset to hear him--a man who is able to sing in such ways that touches women (by women I mean me, Hannah and any other 3eb female fan), then also turn around and call me "weak"...damn...

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