Tuesday, July 24, 2007

fair trial? I think not

Okay so in an assault trail how the hell do you take away the constitutional first amendment right of freedom of speech??!?!?! In this particular situation the defendant's (Pamir Safi, an Army reservist)defense attorney (Clarence Mock) argued to have the words "rape," "victim," "assault," and “sexual assault kit” from the testimony throughout the trail.
I just don't get it. How do you not allow certain words (especially those) to not be used in court? I'm just confused, and pissed off.

It’s hard enough, embarrassing enough, and emotional to be put on trial as a victim of rape..and then on top of the judge isn't going to allow you to identify yourself as a victim..what is going on in the world? I feel bad for this woman...it doesn't matter if she was drunk..drunk women don't say "hey I would like to be taken advantage of now". This world is just ridiculous.

It is not the judge's right to out-law certain words, it's the jury's choice to decide if Tory Bowen was raped, assaulted, and a victim.

I can only imagine what Bowen is feeling right now..or should I say for the last three years because this incident occurred in 2004. I would be a wreck...so yeah I think outlawing the first amendment is bullshit...come on this is suppose to be America people!

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