Friday, March 9, 2007

Is 30 truly the new 20?

Is Hova right, is 30 truly the new 20?
And if that what does that make me…10 or 20?
Should 20-somethings and 30someings be doing the same thing? If 30-something guys are partying at the bar with 20-something females is that okay?...Perhaps normal even? Because really how may 30-something women do you see out at the bar on the reg..hanging out with younger guys? I guess as you get older, the age aspect of people hanging out becomes not so much of an issue. As long as everyone is having fun perhaps once a person hits a certain maturity level, age really doesn't matter?.?.

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Mark Baard said...

hey cougar,

i appreciate your logic, as i've just turned 40 (the new 30)!

something i observed in northern ireland a few years back: adults of all ages mix it up at the pubs (though the younger ones go late at the clubs).