Sunday, March 18, 2007

Maybe we want a one night stand--sorry you just can't handle that

Yes here we go again people--the constant double standard....Men get laid and they're "the man", women get laid and they're a "slut". Don't you think it's possible that a woman can actively pursue an attractive guy, take him home, use him as a piece of meat (with proper protection of course) and send him on his way the next morning, without even knowing his name nor wanting to? Laura Sessions Stepp author of Unhooked seems to think one night stands are more of a guy thing. I thought about actually getting a copy of this book to see what this woman had to say for herself, but I became too frustrated just from reading what others had to say about her.

Not that I'm encouraging men to be used as meat, or women to seduce and sleep with every guy they meet. I'm just saying, sometimes you (women and men) just want to get laid.

Why do people care so much about other people's sex lives? What others do behind close doors is no one's business but their own. Perhaps those that stay preoccupied with others aren't getting what they need out of their own relationship.

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